Coital Alignment Technique – How and Why

1 What is The Coital Alignment Technique (or CAT for short)?

The coital alignment technique is a special way of having intercourse that makes it possible for a woman to reach orgasm during intercourse.

And when a woman reaches orgasm during intercourse, sex is much better for both the man and the woman. Much, much better. And the woman usually finds lovemaking much more rewarding.

The CAT offers a “win-win” way to improve things for both of you.

In fact, the CAT is an effective way to speed up female orgasm and/or achieve simultaneous orgasm. For many women this seems to be the only way to reach orgasm during genital sexual intercourse (without fingering and licking).

Truth is, normal penis in-and-out thrusting is not really going to bring a woman to orgasm. That’s because penile penetration and thrusting offers little or no stimulation to the sensitive clitoris and G spot, areas which hold the key to female orgasm.

2) Why Does The CAT Matter?

The fact is, less than 15% of women can achieve orgasm during intercourse. That’s because the vast majority of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, and they just don’t get it during normal intercourse.

Some women can come from G spot stimulation during intercourse, but they are in the minority. In any case a man needs a lot of staying power (ability to control his ejaculation) to take a woman to orgasm in this way. Most men achieve orgasm long before the woman during normal lovemaking. That leaves the woman unsatisfied, lacking sexual fulfillment and pleasure.

3) Who Invented The Coital Alignment Technique?

Many sex researchers have studied the required stimulation for a woman to reach orgasm (in addition to the essential feelings of emotional attachment). After surveying a large number of females, these researchers came to the conclusion that clitoral stimulation is the most effective way to bring the woman to orgasm. This is better known as “clitoral orgasm”.

4) OK, I’m Convinced – Now, How Do We Do It?

The Coital Alignment Technique is a modified form of lovemaking that stimulates the clitoris, by making a few important changes to the traditional missionary sexual position (guy on top).

To maximize stimulation of his partner’s clitoris, a man positions himself so that he is rubbing the base of his penis and pubic bone on the female clitoris with the aim of helping her reach orgasm.

This can be done by changing the normal penetration movement from horizontal to vertical. Instead of thrusting in and out, an up and down rocking motion is used. When the man lifts his hip or body, the base of his penis will be in the right position to rub against the clitoris (see picture below).

On the other hand, when the man lowers his body, his pubic bone will come into contact with the clitoris. As a result, the up and down rocking movement will constantly stimulate the clitoris and effectively help his partner reach orgasm quickly.

Coital Alignment Technique How and Why
A Guide of Coital Alignment Technique

The rocking up and down motion may seem a bit awkward when first practiced but it is easy to do once you get the right pace and the rhythm that suits you. The man and woman rock their hips together to get the right rhythm.

You can watch this video to show you more about how to get the alignment and orientation right.

Improve Your Thrusting Technique

Look, men, you may not be interested in the coital alignment technique, but you sure as heck should be interested in making sex better for you and your partner. One way to do that is to improve your thrusting techniques. Have a look at this great video – you’re sure to enjoy sex more tonight!

G spot Orgasms

The coital alignment technique is a proven way to bring a woman to a (clitoral) orgasm. However, some women argue that a clitoral orgasm is not as profound as a vaginal orgasm, obtained by G spot stimulation.

Studies have shown that vaginal orgasm requires G-spot stimulation as opposed to the clitoral stimulation which results from using the coital alignment technique.

Try out and compare the Coital Alignment Technique and G-spot stimulation for yourself! You will know rapidly discover which one is more enjoyable for you and your partner!

Modified Coital Alignment Technique

Many couples dislike the coital alignment technique (or “CAT”, also known as Coital Adjusted Technique) because they find the up-down rocking rhythm awkward and counterintuitive.

The modified coital alignment technique provides a solution to this problem by adjusting the position slightly….

In this sexual position, a man penetrates a woman from top as in the traditional missionary position. When he is inside her, the woman brings her legs together between the man’s legs.

This will also tighten the vagina and provide strong sensations to the penis. With careful, correctly positioned in-out thrusting motions, the shaft of the penis will stimulate the clitoris and provide the essential clitoral stimulation required for female orgasm.

In order to maximize contact and pressure to the clitoris, the man should also shift his body forward slightly before starting the thrusting motion.

Modified Coital Alignment Technique

The main difference between the modified Coital Alignment Technique and the ordinary CAT position is the motion of the man after penetration.

And That Position Is What, Exactly?

Of course a lot of us find the excitement of making love makes sophisticated techniques like coital alignment quite difficult to follow.

So that’s one of the reasons why the modified CAT was developed. It’s a variation of the CAT technique which allows for more normal, more conventional, in and out thrusting techniques by the man. This may feel more natural, and perhaps even more satisfying for the man, while at the same time still providing woman was great pleasure.

The point of this technique, just like the CAT, is to stimulate the clitoris in a way that doesn’t occur during normal intercourse.

The man starts, as in all missionary position sex, by entering his partner, but when he’s entered her, he shifts his position upwards along her body, and she adjusts her legs as shown in the photograph below.


This tightens the vagina, providing strong stimulation to the man.

But the really important point is that in this position, it’s possible for the man to move in a more conventional thrusting motion, while at the same time bringing the shaft of his penis into contact with the clitoris and providing stimulation sufficient to bring his woman to orgasm.

When he’s entered her, he shifts his weight forward, by shifting his body upwards along her body. Then, once he’s established a rhythm, he needs to keep it going in such a way that her clitoris gets enough stimulation to build to a powerful orgasm.

Men! It’s easier to experience this than to describe it, so my recommendation is that you get into bed and start practising! Move in different ways to experience the way in which your partner receives more clitoral stimulation.

And remember,  the truth of the matter is that whatever technique you use during lovemaking, to achieve the end result of bringing the woman to orgasm, you will always need to find the right rhythm and movement of your bodies together – the movement that stimulates each of you in the best way.

While the ordinary CAT position prohibits an in-out thrusting motion, the modified CAT does not have this restriction. Therefore, it is more natural for many men who are used to in-out thrusting motions during sex.

Both the modified CAT and the ordinary CAT position are equally effective in stimulating the clitoris to accelerate female orgasm. It is best to try out both positions to explore your personal preference.

A better alternative is to use both by switching position during your sexual intercourse. You can start off with oral sex or fingering as a warm up, and then the ordinary CAT position and finish off with the modified coital alignment technique. Feel free to mix and match to your liking.

Here’s a video about how a man can help a woman enjoy sex more.

Updated 10/06/2014

Coital Alignment Technique Demo

Here is a demo of the famous Coital Alignment Technique, which has been proven to help women achieve orgasm quickly,  as well as effectively improving the chance of simultaneous orgasm during intercourse.

Coital Alignment Technique Demo
3 Step Demo of Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Coital Alignment Technique

As illustrated in the photo demo, the Coital Alignment Technique involves only three steps. It is indeed a variant of the missionary position (man on top). However, instead of the normal thrusting (forward/backward or push-and-pull), the couple engage in a cycle of upward and downward movement during sexual intercourse.

The Critical Steps

1. Penetrate
2. Guy Moves Up, Girl Moves Down
3. Girl Moves Up, Guy Moves Down
(Repeat 2 and 3 at your preferred pace!)

Step 1: Coital Alignment Technique starts with the guy penetrating the girl from top.

Step 2: Next the guy should move his body upward while the girl should move her body downward. With this upward and downward movement the penis may glide out a little from the vagina (but not completely out) and point downwards. At the point, the base (root) of the penis will be rubbing against the clitoral area, giving it the essential stimulation required for female orgasm.

Step 3: Finally, the guy will move downward and the girl will move upward to reach the position in Step 3. At this point, the penis should glide fully back to the vagina in preparation for a repetition of Step 2.

Step 2 and 3 are repeated continuously (one after another) to produce constant stimulation to the clitoris and pleasuring of the penis through the slight gliding movement produced by the process. The Coital Alignment Technique improves the chance for simultaneous orgasm by helping guy to last longer in this position (less gliding) while helping girl to reach orgasm quicker through direct stimulation to the clitoris.

If you are new to the Coital Alignment Technique, it may seem unnatural and counter intuitive in the first few attempts. However, once the rhythm is found, you may find you fall in love with it as a proven way to simultaneous orgasm.

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Demo, How and Why and Video for Coital Alignment Technique. Coital Alignment Technique is a scientifically proven technique for female orgasms