Coital Alignment Technique Demo

Here is a demo of the famous Coital Alignment Technique, which has been proven to help women achieve orgasm quickly,  as well as effectively improving the chance of simultaneous orgasm during intercourse.

Coital Alignment Technique Demo
3 Step Demo of Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Coital Alignment Technique

As illustrated in the photo demo, the Coital Alignment Technique involves only three steps. It is indeed a variant of the missionary position (man on top). However, instead of the normal thrusting (forward/backward or push-and-pull), the couple engage in a cycle of upward and downward movement during sexual intercourse.

The Critical Steps

1. Penetrate
2. Guy Moves Up, Girl Moves Down
3. Girl Moves Up, Guy Moves Down
(Repeat 2 and 3 at your preferred pace!)

Step 1: Coital Alignment Technique starts with the guy penetrating the girl from top.

Step 2: Next the guy should move his body upward while the girl should move her body downward. With this upward and downward movement the penis may glide out a little from the vagina (but not completely out) and point downwards. At the point, the base (root) of the penis will be rubbing against the clitoral area, giving it the essential stimulation required for female orgasm.

Step 3: Finally, the guy will move downward and the girl will move upward to reach the position in Step 3. At this point, the penis should glide fully back to the vagina in preparation for a repetition of Step 2.

Step 2 and 3 are repeated continuously (one after another) to produce constant stimulation to the clitoris and pleasuring of the penis through the slight gliding movement produced by the process. The Coital Alignment Technique improves the chance for simultaneous orgasm by helping guy to last longer in this position (less gliding) while helping girl to reach orgasm quicker through direct stimulation to the clitoris.

If you are new to the Coital Alignment Technique, it may seem unnatural and counter intuitive in the first few attempts. However, once the rhythm is found, you may find you fall in love with it as a proven way to simultaneous orgasm.

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