Modified Coital Alignment Technique

Many couples dislike Coital Alignment Technique (CAT, also known as Coital Adjusted Technique) because they found the up-down rocking rhythm awkward and counter intuitive. Modified Coital Alignment Technique provides a solution to this problem by allowing in-out thrusting through a slight change to the CAT position.

In this sexual position, a man penetrate a woman from top as in the traditional missionary position. When he is inside her, the woman brings her legs together between the man’s legs. This act will also tighten the vagina and provide strong sensation to the penis. Through in-out thrusting motion, the shaft of the penis will hit and glide on the clitoris to provide the essential clitoral stimulation required for female orgasm. In order to maximize contact and pressure to the clitoris, the man should also shift his body forward slightly before starting the thrusting motion.

Modified Coital Alignment Technique

The main difference between the Modified Coital Alignment Technique and the ordinary CAT position is the motion of penetration. While the ordinary CAT position prohibits in-out thrusting motion, the Modified CAT does not have this restriction. Therefore, it is more natural for many men who are used to in-out thrusting motion during sex.

Both Modified CAT and the ordinary CAT position are equally effective in stimulating the clitoris to accelerate female orgasm. It is best to try out both positions to explore your personal preference. A better alternative is to use both by switching position during your sexual intercourse. You can start off with oral sex or fingering as warm up, and then the ordinary CAT position and finish off with the Modified Coital Alignment Technique. Feel free to mix and match to your liking.

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